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Why You Should Plant Your Yard in the Fall

Many people think spring is the best time to plant in your yard. While the sun is out and things do grow faster, the fall offers some great advantages for your garden. Here are some reasons why planting trees, perennials and shrubs in the fall are a great idea.

The Weather Is Perfect

The cooler weather in fall is easier for the plants and gardeners alike. The ground isn’t semi-frozen, not too dry, and the weather isn’t too warm or cold. The plants won’t get too stressed because they won’t be subjected to extremes in weather and hence can recover faster after planting.

You Won’t Have to Plant Right After Buying Plants

There is no need to plant right away because you won’t have to worry about plants drying up or the ground being too hot. As for trees, planting them when they’ve lost their leaves is actually better because they won’t have to exert energy growing leaves and can focus on growing roots. This is the biggest fall advantage, helping the plant grow better roots so they’ll have energy to display gorgeous foliage and blooms come springtime. The fall to spring transition is quicker than waiting for a full year before getting to see the results of your handiwork.

Fall Is Lower Maintenance

You won’t have to water as much in fall, so that’s less maintenance effort that you have to worry about. You won’t have to worry as much either about the new plants and whether they will survive or not because of the overall milder weather.

A good tip for planting in the fall is to water the plants in their pots a few hours before you transport them to the ground. This lets them soak up water and be better prepared for planting. Water the hole they’ll be placed in too before planting.

Fall Helps You Pinpoint Sparse Areas

Fall allows you to see sparse areas of your garden that need more plants. It is the best time to plan out next year’s garden and start planting it. You’ll know exactly how the other plants look and how much space they take when they get foliage and blooms, allowing you to add color where you know you see it’s missing.

Gardening Supplies Tend to Be Cheaper

Gardening supplies are typically at their peak prices in spring but are cheaper in fall. Shop for non-perishable supplies, seeds, and maybe some bulbs in fall. You can probably get gardening tools at discounted prices and perhaps some fertilizers, netting, pebbles, and similar things.

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